Perception, Perspective and Assumption!


Naaman in the river Jordan

Many people are victims of their own circumstances. What you perceive as being right or what seems to feel right at the moment, might not be the right option in Gods eyes, regardless of whether you had good intentions or not. 

Man’s thoughts, perspective and ways are different from God’s thoughts, perspective or ways. One good example of this is the story of Naaman from the Bible. Naaman was a highly ranked army general with a lot of victories to his name so he was very close with the king and had a lot of money. One misfortune this man had was that he suffered from Leprosy, a servant of his told him that she knew a man in Israel who could cure his disease. In his mind he assumed that, because of his status in the Kingdom and the money he had, the healer would humble himself at his presence and give him a lot of money to get the job done. As we all know that wasn’t the case, when he arrived at the healers house, he didn’t get the welcome he expected, in fact the healer didn’t even come to greet him. He just sent a messenger with a simple instruction. All he said was for him to dip seven times into the river Jordan and he shall be healed, he didn’t even demand a single cent from him.

You can refer to your Bible for the full story but my point is that; you can imagine how angry that would make a man of his stature but yet again it’s the biggest blessing God will ever grant him. So God has a will and a way for all of us. It doesn’t mean what you think is good for you is actually right for you. 

We live by our decisions everyday, sometimes it’s best to let God decide for us, remember; a right decision always feels right. 


Percy Mbedzi


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